How it works

Research & engineering community solving your business challanges


  • The sharpest researchers and engineers of this world join the Brain Rebels community and specify their area of interest/expertise
  • Businesses use our platform to post R&D challenges. Problems which require solution. Our engineering staff assists in making sure the requirements (user stories) are clear and the time&budget is specified
  • Our Rebels solve the challenge and publish the outcome. Using a dedicated community page Rebels can  find or form teams to solve bigger challenges
  • Our enthusiastic staff makes sure the deliverable exceeds expectations and fulfill all requirements. We also make sure the business gets the code and Rebels get the prize!
  • In case the challenge attracts many Rebels and results in multiple solutions, the business chooses which solution to go for. There is only one winner (well… usually one)! This is a supply/demand market place so be prepared for the best outcome for both sides.


A challenge is a clearly defined research or development problem which needs a solution. The deliverable is usually a working code, library, software module, code snippet or a full application the business can use and/or integrate into their local environment.

What constitutes a well defined challenge?

  • Input definition – parameters / sample data / API call
  • Constraints/assumptions description
  • Output definition – The test the deliverable needs to pass
  • Software language
  • Time indication
  • Size of the prize!

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