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Problems and Solutions to Road Safety

It’s a sad but true fact that globally, around 3,400 people die on the roads every single day of the year. To put this into perspective that’s one life lost every 25 seconds to traffic accidents. And many who escape death go on to suffer injuries, some of which cause permanent disability. Despite these awful statistics, global road fatality rates continue to rise. The outlook from the World Health Organization (WHO) isn’t good either. They predict that vehicle crashes will become the seventh leading cause of death by 2030 if things continue as they are. Well, we think we can offer a valuable contribution toward better road safety as you will soon discover.

Introducing CityWhisker

We are the Brain Rebels Research and Engineering Community, and have created the CityWhisker for safer driving. ​We took the original idea from a 1990s science fiction TV series called seaQuest. There was a submarine equipped with a series of small, remote controlled sensor probes. They called these WSKRS (pronounced ‘whiskers’). The acronym stands for Wireless Sea Knowledge Retrieval Satellites. These tiny sensor probes helped the captain safely navigate his fictitious underwater ship.


Why Human Drivers Need CityWhisker

Despite what we think, humans are not particularly good drivers. With more awareness, though, we can become much better and a lot safer than we are. But we can never be perfect—we’re just not wired-up that way. CityWhisker is a new technology that can help us to see what our own eyes can’t.

How CityWhisker Works

CityWhisker is an interactive drone that can see potential threats on the road in advance of an incident. It’s like having an extra pair of dedicated fisheyes in the front of your vehicle. CityWhisker updates the driver on current road conditions and any possible threats to safety. This is a deployable camera-sensor system that positions itself at the front of your vehicle whenever you need it. Each time it detects a potential safety threat it reports back to your smartphone or other device. The CityWhisker app uses the Augmented Reality (AR) concept to present its live video footage.

An easy-to-use side navigation bar lets you deploy CityWhisker using a simple button. Removing it is just as easy. The dedicated roof mounted landing sheet comes with a set of unique sensors. These sensors guarantee the environment is safe to deploy the Whisker. It returns to the same spot without effort and stays in place until the next launch.

CityWhiskers WILL Save Lives

We believe CityWhisker has the potential to save lives on the roads, and that’s why we turn to you for help in getting Whiskers off the ground. Contributors to this project will receive a fully-operational system that fits onto any car. Because of the open platform, our backers get access to the development kit which allows them to change their own drone into a fully functional whisker…

Closing Comments

By backing this project you don’t only invest in technology. This is an opportunity to make a real difference to road safety. You are—to all intents and purposes—helping to save lives, and that’s a noble cause. It’s something that can have an incredible and lasting impact for millions of people.


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